Check out Noel on YouTube with his original song "The More Things Change" by clicking on the following link:
The More Things Change

Irish balladeer and songwriter Noel Nash has been captivating audiences throughout Great Britain and the United States with his rare vocal power and sensitivity for the past four decades.


Noel was born and raised in Co. Limerick, where he was educated by the Christian Brothers. After two years study at the School of Music in Limerick, his emerging expressiveness and talent as a musician and songwriter was demonstrated during his early associations with several folk groups.

He began performing as a solo artist in 1971, appearing in some of Ireland's foremost folk clubs. As his popularity spread, Noel travelled extensively throughout Ireland to share the charm and magic of his music with other audiences, and also began appearing in England, Scotland and Wales. In the late '70s, Noel met and formed a partnership with the renowned songwriter Pete St. John. They performed and wrote together for five years.

The appeal of Noel's musical mastery and captivating stage presence resulted in a tour to the United States with a series of concert performances in New York, Chicago and Washington D.C. Noel remained in D.C for several years, again appearing in festivals and on radio and television. He joined a group called "The Celtic Folk" and they performed together there for three years. In 1984 the group relocated to New Orleans to play together for an additional three years.

Today Noel lives in Ballybunion, Co. Kerry where he performs locally in The Cliff House Hotel. Noel continues to tour throughout Ireland and to thrill audiences at Irish festivals across the United States.



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